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Bezel Fabrication and Construction


Sam Woehrmann

In-Person or Virtual

Friday - Sunday
May 17-19, 2024
10AM - 4PM ET

3 Day Workshop


Class Description

We will be learning my method of fabricating bezels in 22k gold and either 18k gold or sterling silver. I'll bring gemstones to purchase or you can use stones you already have. Cabochons, faceted stones, pearls or gems with rough surfaces, rose cut gems in geometric shapes are all welcome. We will learn how to shape the bezels to fit specific stones. Making interior seats for faceted gems or stones we want to raise higher in their settings for design purposes. Learn fast efficient ways to set stones in tube settings for use in constructing finished pieces. I like to use diamonds, sapphires or rubies so we can set them first and solder with them in place to keep the settings clean and to add some sparkle where it is harder to reach later. I'll talk and demonstrate a few ways of attaching bezels to one another strategically to bring designs together. Finish your pieces after learning how to safely set stones into your newly made settings and some tips I've learned along the way as well as techniques I have figured out after working many hours at the bench.


General knowledge of fabrication, tool use and soldering skills.

Materials, Supplies & Tools

Download PDF • 41KB

Download PDF • 75KB

Class Dates

May 17, 2024
May 18, 2024
May 19, 2024

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