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Introduction to Cloisonne Enameling


Ricky Frank

In-Person Only

Saturday - Sunday February 24-25, 2024 10:00 am - 4:00 pm EST

2 Day Workshop


Class Description

Cloisonne´enameling is simply a techniquer of enameling in which a wire is used to create cells, lines, and shapes within the enamel piece. Making a Cloisonne´ enamel piece may seem like a challenging task for beginning students. This workshop simplifies the Cloisonne´process by breaking it down into several small steps; this makes the concepts easy to grasp and the skills simple to perform. Students will begin with enameling basics: preparing, applying, and firing enamel onto copper and fine silver. Enamel science concepts will be demonstrated to help students understand the different variables that affect their results. And most importantly, students will make cloisonne´ samples to practice the different skills and steps involved in making cloisonne:

1. Bend, apply, and fire your wires.

2. Paint and fire transparent and opalescent enamel color layers.

3. Add silver foil elements to create "layers of reflected light".

4. Build up layers of enamel to the height of the wires.

5. Finish the surface: Grinding and Polishing techniques

6. Bezel-setting for enamels (depending on available time).

Students should expect to make several color samples and one/two completed simple cloisonne´pieces.

Students will leave the workshop with an understanding of the Cloisonne´ process, skills, materials, and tools required to pursue Cloisonne´ enameling as an art form for jewelry or larger objects


No Prerequisites Needed

Materials, Supplies & Tools

Download PDF • 29KB

Class Dates

February 24, 2024
February 25, 2024

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