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Metal Clay Madness (6 Weeks)


Katherine Larrabee

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Class Description

Metal Clay Madness will introduce students to the endless possibilities of creating with precious metal clay. The class will include an introduction to the material, a discussion of the science behind how the material fires, hand-firing a piece with a torch, using a Paragon-style kiln to fire the pieces, and constructing a piece from beginning stages all the way through polishing and patinas of a finished piece. Students can look forward to creating completely unique, one of a kind jewelry in this course. 

Students will also be introduced to some intermediate level skills and the possibilities they offer. They will use syringe-style metal clay to create personalized jewelry. Students will also learn how to create independent filigree work as well as how to use syringe to add texture to their work. Syringe work will allow the students to add pieces together and to fix pieces that make have broken.