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Chisel and Stamp: Patterning Mokume Gane


Anne Wolf


Saturday - Monday
November 4 - 6, 2023
10:00 am - 4:00 pm EDT


3 Day Workshop

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Class Description

Mokume Gane is an ancient Japanese technique that uses fused layers of different metals to form unique organic patterns. We’ll start with stamp patterning; a direct and satisfying way to pattern mokume that even complete beginners can learn. Then we’ll delve into chiseling, which is the traditional Japanese way of patterning mokume gane. Students will learn to chisel pattern different thicknesses, then learn to combine the techniques for even greater pattern possibilities. On the last day students can make their own chisel and/or focus on turning their patterned mokume into simple finished jewelry. This workshop is a great follow on for those who have taken online mokume gane classes, but it is also open to those new to mokume gane. Participants can expect to create multiple patterned samples and/or finished jewelry depending on their interests and experience level.

PREREQUISITE: Students should be comfortable annealing. Experience with chisels, engraving and/or chasing/repousse is helpful but not required.

Order your chisel kit on Anne’s website by October 4, 2023. (Details in Chisel Kit PDF below.)

QUESTIONS?  Please contact Artist Assistant Leah Fedeli at