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You can help make MAGG Maggnificent!

Our mission at MAGG is to keep the ancient craft of metalsmithing alive for future generations to enjoy by providing exceptional metal arts classes both in-person and virtually around the world. 

The Metal Arts Guild of Georgia (MAGG) is a magical place where students and professionals come together to create art out of metal. Working with your hands and your brain and getting away from technology for even a short time is good for all of us.


"Nothing in life compares to the satisfaction, respect and peace that comes from working with your hands."

- Eric Gorges 


We are fundraising for three reasons:

 #1  To help us cover the tuition for the classes and workshops we offer. We are receiving a lot of requests for financial assistance and would love to be able to offer scholarships to those students in need.

 #2  To help us purchase equipment needed to enhance and maintain our studio. We are proud to offer one of the best equipped studios in the Southeast and we need to regularly replace worn out tools and purchase new equipment to further enhance our students' experience. 

#3  To help us cover our $13K monthly overhead expenses. It costs a lot to keep MAGG running. We have to pay for rent, utilities, insurance, internet, security, building maintenance and more. MAGG is run by an all volunteer board.  We are not asking for you to pay our salaries as we are all unpaid volunteers. We are just trying to cover the costs of keeping the doors open. 

Any donation amount for any reason is greatly appreciated. We love our members and all that you do to make MAGG Maggnificent. Keep it up!





We're excited to announce that we are now a part of the Benevity network! Many companies use Benevity to match employee donations to their favorite non-profits. If your company uses Benevity, we can now accept any matches your company may make when you donate to MAGG using that system.


In addition to monetary contributions, MAGG enthusiastically accepts donations that help equip our studio and library. Do you have metalsmithing tools you are no longer using? Did you just make some studio upgrades and are now looking to rehome your lovingly used equipment? Do you have books related to the metal arts that could help educate and inspire our students? Perhaps you even have some extra project supplies and materials that could be donated to a student in need. These are all ways to support our mission!

Contact us at or 404-737-7738 to arrange your donation drop off.

All monetary donations and donations of tools, equipment, supplies, and books, are tax deductible.

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