Metal Arts Guild of Georgia (MAGG) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing, enriching, and nurturing the creativity and community of metalsmiths in Georgia in our studio and beyond with virtual learning. We are a diverse organization of professional metalsmiths, jewelry designers, instructors, hobbyists, suppliers, gallery owners, and those who support the fine art of metalsmithing.

We encourage metalsmiths of all skill levels and metal mediums to join us!

Metal Arts Guild of Georgia strives to create an environment that inspires our students to learn and grow as metalsmith artists. Our goal is to provide outstanding instruction and an environment where students flourish and friendships thrive. In order to achieve the many goals we have at MAGG, we rely on your donations. Please consider a donation to help sustain our efforts.

Thank you!

Fundraising Update

Thank you to everyone who donated to our fundraising campaign through A Community Thrives. We are humbled and overjoyed with the number of donations we received during the challenge period. Some of you even made the commitment of a recurring monthly donation! We so appreciate each and every one of you for your support of this community and our education programs.

While the challenge may be over, our need for donations is ongoing. Our fundraising page remains active, so you can track our progress and make donations at any time. We will keep you updated as new fundraising events arise.


With Gratitude,

Your MAGG Team 

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