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What do I need to buy as a beginning Metalsmith Student?  

When you take an in-person class at MAGG, you get access to our tools while you are in class. Tools can also be purchased from Dallas’ Tool Shop, located upstairs at MAGG. 

What tools are included in the purchase of the class? 

None. Each class will have a supply list of items you will need to purchase along with recommended tools from the instructor. Check the supply list on the class details page for each class or workshop.

What skills do I need to take Beginner Metalsmithing?

No experience needed.

What will I learn as a Beginner?

We will teach you how to saw and pierce, texture, form, forge, make cold connections, sand, polish, set round or oval cabochon stones, use a flexshaft, use a torch to solder, and how to design jewelry.

What if I miss a class?

Students who miss a class will be allowed to attend one Open Studio Session the week between sessions for up to 4 hours for free. Instructors will notify the open studio monitor who the students are (names) and also give a heads up about any special or particular aspect of the project being worked on that the student might need help with.


If the instructor misses a class the instructor will choose the makeup date for their class.


How many Beginner Metalsmithing classes do I need to take before I can move to the Intermediate Level?

We recommend that you take at least three Beginner (foundations) classes or 6 months of weekly classes before you sign-up for a higher level.  Each student learns at a different pace. 


What is the difference between Intermediate and Advanced Classes?

Once you possess a strong foundation in metalsmithing skills and are good at sawing, soldering, and forming metal, you can expand your knowledge by taking an Intermediate class. You will learn skills like setting faceted stones and how to work with prongs. You may also learn how to make chains and explore other metalsmithing techniques. 


Advanced students are serious metalsmiths and may often be professionals or skilled hobbyists.


How often do you offer new classes? 

We have five sessions per year. We launch classes for registration 4-6 weeks before they start.  Refer to our website for launch dates.

Can I get a refund?

All refunds are subject to a nonrefundable service fee.  If a participant withdraws from a class or workshop more than 30 days prior to the first day of the class or workshop, Metal Arts Guild of Georgia, Inc. will grant a refund less a 20% cancellation fee and a nonrefundable service fee. If a participant withdraws from a class or workshop less than 30 days prior but more than 14 days prior to the first day of the class or workshop, Metal Arts Guild of Georgia will grant a refund of 50%. Metal Arts Guild of Georgia cannot issue a refund for cancellations received 14 days or less before the first day of a class or workshop due to contractual obligations with our instructors.


Metal Arts Guild of Georgia, Inc. reserves the right to cancel any class due to low enrollment or unforeseen circumstances. You will be notified of class cancellation at least one week in advance of the class start date. If a class is cancelled, your registration may be transferred to the upcoming class of your choice. If there is no upcoming class offered which you wish to take, you will be issued a refund.

MAGG is not responsible for supplies purchased by enrollees for the class if the class is cancelled. MAGG will not reimburse students for supplies purchased in anticipation of a class.

Can I watch the video of a workshop later?

Yes! After the workshop is over we will post the video to YouTube and give you login information. Videos of workshops are available for 30 days following completion of the workshop.


May I share the link to the video with my friend?

NO! When purchasing a workshop you are buying it for you only. It is illegal to share this content with anyone and an infringement of the teacher’s legal agreement with MAGG.


Will I be able to ask questions of the instructor or interact with other students if I take a workshop virtually?

Yes! Each workshop has a dedicated Artist Assistant (AA) that will field questions to the instructor via chat or audio on Zoom. You can comment there to ask questions. If you have a question, it’s likely that someone else has the same one. We also want you to feel free to interact with one another in the chat. At MAGG we are all about the best experience possible, so let us know if you have any issues during a live broadcast.


Will this class or workshop teach me how to source materials in the future?

Yes! We will give you as many resources as you need.  These resources include where to buy tools, metal, stones, etc. Our teachers do their best to set you up for success!

Can I use MAGG's studio to work on my projects outside of class time?

Yes! Open Studio at MAGG offers our members a place to work on their own projects and practice what was learned in class. Members have access to bench space, soldering stations, flex shafts, a polishing cabinet, and much more.

Click here to learn more about Open Studio.

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