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Dallas Vinson, owner of Dallas' Tool Shop

Dallas Vinson Ltd


Conveniently located at the Metal Arts Guild of Georgia, Dallas’ Tool Shop, makes shopping for your next class or workshop supplies a breeze! Let Dallas know which class or workshop you are taking so that he can fulfill your order for the correct supplies and tools. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to ask Dallas as he is a wealth of information. In addition, he is an accomplished metalsmith and he has worked in the metalsmith industry for over 35 years!

"In 1985 I started working for Swest Inc., one of the largest jeweler’s supply companies in the country at the time. I couldn’t have known then that I had been blessed to have stumbled into the occupation that I would grow to love. After a few years I left Swest and went to work at JFF Jeweler Supply under the incomparable Hans Kober. After many years I left the supply side of the business. I have worked as a bench jeweler, learning repair and fabrication as well as stone setting and finishing. Later I found myself specializing in wax carving, mold making and casting. As fate would have it, I returned to JFF selling tools and equipment. Working side by side with Hans and learning all I could about this wonderful art and industry. Along the way I have met and befriended some of the most incredible people.

"With the closing of JFF, I found a new home at the Metal Arts Guild of Georgia on the top floor. I have reconnected with the community that has supported me and my family for so many years. I am excited to continue to offer you the tools and materials that will help you to reach your metalsmithing goals. I would love to help foster your creativity with high quality tools and an understanding of how they are used. My faith tells me that everyone I encounter carries the image of Divinity and that, if I am oriented towards Christ, nothing is impossible. I believe that success lies in building lasting relationships that are built on respect and a desire to lift each other to greater heights. I invite you to visit me at my store at MAGG. I look forward to servicing your needs."

My store hours are Tuesday through Saturday - 10 am to 5 pm.

Hope to see you soon,

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