Open studio at MAGG offers our students and members a place to work on their own projects, and practice what was learned in class. Our members have access to bench space, soldering stations, flex shafts, a polishing cabinet, and more. Members are required to bring their own supplies, solders, burs, and any other materials needed to work on their projects.

Open studio members must be able to work safely and independently on their own. Proper safety habits in the studio and experience with our equipment and torches are prerequisites. While most equipment is available, open studio members are not permitted to use kilns, casting equipment or any equipment they have not been trained to use in one of our classes.

If you're a current MAGG member and have taken a class at MAGG email us at for an appointment for a studio tour and member orientation.


Purchase a 10 hour package of open studio time and use during any scheduled open studio. (See calendar below for upcoming dates & times.) There is no need to book your time in advance. The studio monitor will enter your hours used each time. Keep track of your remaining hours in your Member Dashboard. Return here to purchase more hours as needed.


If you received a punch card for free open studio hours, please be sure to use it by December 31, 2022. In order to keep clean records within the new system, these cards will no longer be valid after December 31, 2022. Thank you for your understanding!

  • Open Studio

    10 Open Studio Hours
    • FOR MAGG MEMBERS ONLY- gives you access to:
    • Bench space
    • Soldering Stations
    • Flexshafts
    • Polishing Cabinet
    • *Bring your own supplies, solder, burs, and materials.