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Georgia Talent

Cassidy apprenticed in Atlanta, Georgia with Starr Miller and Troy Atterberry, two prominent southeastern custom jewelers. She studied at New Approach School for Jewelers, a state of the art jewelry school started by Blaine Lewis.

Cassidy spent many years within fine jewelry sales, repair and fabrication for various commercial locations around Georgia. She now owns and runs Cassidy Jewelry and Cassidy Jewelry Artisan Collective employing and supporting other female artists from around the world.

She has a diverse academic background in communications, linguistics, and second-language acquisition earning a Bachelor of Science from Liberty University.

In effort to keep old jewelry traditions alive, Cassidy creates each original jewelry design by hand using wax carving techniques. Wax carving dates back as far as the fourth millennium BC. Cassidy aims to preserve these historic techniques imbuing an other worldly soul within each piece that is thoroughly hand made.

Cassidy Kento

Cassidy Kento

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