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Georgia Talent

Courtney Poole Pendergrast is the owner, designer, and maker for Poole Pendergrast Studios, located in the foothills of Northeast Georgia. Fascinated with the mechanical aspects of all things, Courtney enjoys working as a jewelry artist and metalsmith because it requires ingenuity and creativity. She loves that there is always something new to discover, plus she has a soft spot for a well-balanced hammer!

The versatility of metal inspires Courtney while form, function, and aesthetics all play a key role in her designs. By applying different processes, a simple piece of metal can look as soft as a satin bow, rough-hewn as an old, weathered iron gate, or intricate as a piece of lace. Her goal as an artist is to grasp a raw idea and forge it into something tangible and enduring.

Courtney refurbishes antique jewelry, offers unique custom work, and creates original one-of-a-kind pieces. She also teaches jewelry and metalsmithing classes tailored to each student’s skill level. You can view her work at

Artist Statement

As a jeweler and metalsmith, I value traditional techniques and every design is meticulously fabricated by hand in my studio. I love the juxtaposition of combining delicate filigree with forged and rough hewn pieces. Using hot and cold forging techniques, I enjoy constructing teapots, utensils, and unique containers to house insects for observation. When designing custom jewelry, I incorporate methods of construction reminiscent of jewelers from generations gone by. Whether a piece is a custom heirloom to be passed on for generations or an object to be enjoyed by a child, I want it to be well considered and have purpose.

Courtney Pendergrast

Courtney Pendergrast

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