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Georgia Talent

In 1985 I started working for Swest Inc., one of the largest jeweler’s supply companies in the country at the time. I couldn’t have known then that I had been blessed to have stumbled into the occupation that I would grow to love. After a few years I left Swest and went to work at JFF Jeweler Supply under the incomparable Hans Kober. After many years I left the supply side of the business. I have worked as a bench jeweler, learning repair and fabrication as well as stone setting and finishing. Later I found myself specializing in wax carving, mold making and casting. As fate would have it, I returned to JFF selling tools and equipment. Working side by side with Hans and learning all I could about this wonderful art and industry. Now I am running my own business selling jeweler’s supplies, materials, tools and equipment out of the top floor of the MAGG location along with doing repairs and doing casting. Along the way I have met and befriended some of the most incredible people.

Dallas Vinson

Dallas Vinson

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