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Georgia Talent

Atlanta native Piper Espey grew up surrounded by all things metal. Daughter of a highly skilled metalsmith, she learned the magic of moving metal at an early age. Her chosen focus for undergraduate and graduate studies were Art and Psychology. She joined her two fields of studies through working with children with special needs for many years, where she witnessed the healing power of art. She initially discovered those healing powers through painting and drawing but following the death of her father, her medium of choice took a turn. He gifted her with his workshop of tools, and with that, through her grief journey, a metalsmith was re-born.

Over the past decade, she has traveled the globe, seeking masters in her field to train under. She is an instructor for Spruill Center for the Arts, not only teaching adults but also introducing the craft to teens through their Summer Arts Program. Piper serves on the board of directors for the Metal Arts Guild of Georgia where she also teaches. “I am beyond fortunate to live in a city with such a brilliant and encouraging metalsmith community. I wouldn't be where I am today had it not been for so many pouring their knowledge of our craft and their experiences into me.”

Growing up with the Chattahoochee River in her backyard, she decided to raise her children, who are now grown, with the same experience. The wild nature of the Chattahoochee has influenced the creation and particular style of her art immensely. She likes to describe the influence of the Chattahoochee as “Flow!” The same flow that is found within the rushing, as well as the slow moving waters of the river are present in her painting as well as her metal forms. Piper’s work is also energized by the organic shapes and vibrant Earth tones that are found in nature.

Her jewelry and small sculpture work using mixed metals, turquoise and rough stones, found objects and elements of nature, are hand fabricated in her home studio located on the banks of her beloved Chattahoochee. When not in her studio or teaching, she can be found spending time with her family, or more than likely seeking a mountain to climb or a river to ride.

Piper Espey

Piper Espey

Beginner Metalsmithing & Jewelry

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