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Georgia Talent

I am a self-taught cloisonne´ jewelry artist who has sold my enamel jewelry at craft shows and retail stores for over 45 years. My teaching experience includes classes in my home studio, workshops at The Enamelist Society Conference, and classes at many craft schools across the USA. In 2014, after teaching several in-persons at Rio Grande Jewelry Supply, I helped them create a popular enamel YouTube video series.

My inspiration comes from my love of Color, Layers, and Light. Imagine sunlight peeking through the trees while on a hike through the woods or the reflecting sunset off the ocean waves and shore. I am driven to use enamel to capture these magical moments into an enamel “gemstone” that can be made into a timeless piece of jewelry. That experience opened my eyes to the value of online teaching many years before Covid made this style of teaching necessary. I began to develop videography skills and created my own series of online classes as well as a year-long online enameling program for more dedicated students.

Ricky Frank

Ricky Frank

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