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Georgia Talent

Tony has been active in metalsmithing and jewelry making for the last 6 years. After 30 years as a mechanical engineer, he began metalsmithing as a way to find a mental break from the stresses of his career and to develop his more artistic side. As the son of an aircraft machinist, he has worked with machining and other metal working tools throughout his life.

Tony focuses his jewelry primarily on forged or manipulated metal. In addition to basic metal smithing techniques Tony uses presses and rolling mills to form the shapes of his pieces and, also utilizes his engineering skills to create solid 3D models in CAD and then print them in high resolution resin for casting.

Tony and his family moved to the Kennesaw area in 2011 after spending many years working abroad in the UK, Europe, and the Middle East.

Tony Sanger

Tony Sanger

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