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Visiting Artist

Personal adornment is not merely accessorizing. It’s a connection, a provoked feeling, a historical leap, and a transporter of being. My work as a maker expresses and integrates history of place, people, and materials. I believe that it’s all connected... that we are all connected.

I strive to bring that oneness into each object I create. My jewelry is a narrative conceptual sculpture that is both architectural, organic and talismanic. My energy as a maker integrates the mountains and desert alike into each treasure. They are powerful and seductive bold forms that bridge my environment, my material and my history and the red thread connection I have with the wearer that was meant to be experienced by the select few. I hope you will enjoy my handcrafted work and become part of my relations.

I have been teaching metals, glass and ceramics for over 25 years. I owned two paint your own pottery stores, Paint Yourself Silly, for 10 years, a coaching business, Artful Success, where I helped artists with their business, and a tool and supply company, Whole Lotta Whimsy, for 10 years. I was a senior teacher for Rio Grande for 10 years and have been teaching metals since 1996. I have been published in several books and many magazines. I also have a fantastic group on Facebook that I started in the summer of 2020, Jewelry Makers Guild where artists share their work, their issues, and their tools to share and help others. I believe that community is what makes everyone a better artist and human. That together we can do so much more than we can alone.

Tonya Davidson

Tonya Davidson

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