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Braking the Box


Alan Bremer


No Sessions Currently Available

1 Day Workshop


Class Description

MAGG has a Di-Acro 12” Finger Brake in its studio, for use by all classes, workshops, and open studios.  Like all dedicated metal working equipment, it does one thing very well. The finger brake can bend metal in a very straight line to almost any angle.

This workshop will cover the equipment’s advantages, limitations, and techniques for design and most efficient use.  We will also learn how to adjust for the different thicknesses of metal that create different radii in bends.

We will have an opportunity to make a small box with a lid and legs of your own design or use a supplied pattern that will hold two decks of playing cards for canasta or bridge.  We will discuss decorative options and possibly have time for simple decoration before we “brake” the box.  Decorating is usually done before the metal is bent into the box form for ease of manipulation and to avoid distorting the shape caused  by stretching the metal with hammering after cutting the pattern.

We will cold connect legs to our box with copper rivets to conceal the corners and consider more decorative options.


None. Beginners welcome!

Materials, Supplies & Tools

  • All recipients will receive a preliminary pattern for the demonstration box in case you would like to decorate the metal by hammering, stamping, etching or some such before the workshop.

  • 12" X 12" sheet of silver, copper, brass, pewter, steel, aluminum, tin, etc. Steel or tin can be thinner, silver & copper should be 22–24 ga. It depends on the strength of metal you select.

  • Demo will be using 22–24 ga copper.

  • All tools and (copper) rivets will be provided by MAGG.

Class Dates

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