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Start Metalsmithing

Our metalsmithing classes at the Metal Arts Guild of Georgia are the perfect way to get started in the world of metalworking. Our classes are designed to give you a solid foundation in the tools and techniques of the trade. All of our instructors are experienced metalsmiths, and are passionate about sharing their knowledge and skills with others. Come learn with us and take the first step towards creating your own beautiful metalwork.

Becoming a metalsmith at the Metal Arts Guild of Georgia (MAGG) involves a structured process that includes beginning classes, open studio sessions, and opportunities for advancing your skills through intermediate and advanced classes. Here's a step-by-step description of how to start:

Enroll in Beginning Classes:

  • The first step is to enroll in beginning classes offered by MAGG. These classes are held once a week on varying days and times and typically last for 6-8 weeks.

  • New sessions are available each season – Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer, providing flexibility for individuals to join at different times throughout the year.

  • Once you complete the Beginning Classes your skills will be evaluated by one of our instructors to allow you to move forward through the process.


Open Studio Sessions:

  • After completing the beginning classes, members have the opportunity to participate in open studio sessions.

  • One of the unique features of MAGG is our Open Studio Sessions allowing members to put into practice the skills they have learned in class. Some open studio sessions may directly follow a specific class, providing a seamless transition for hands-on application.

Skill Honing in Intermediate Classes:

  • For those who wish to further develop their skills, intermediate classes are offered every 6 weeks.

  • These intermediate classes provide a more in-depth exploration of metalsmithing techniques, allowing members to refine their craftsmanship.

Advanced Classes:

  • Beyond intermediate levels, advanced classes are also available for individuals looking to take their metalsmithing expertise to the next level.

  • These advanced classes likely cover advanced techniques, specialized projects, and more intricate aspects of the craft.


  • To enrich the learning experience, MAGG organizes workshops featuring various guest artists.

  • These workshops offer a unique chance for members to learn from experienced and accomplished metalsmiths, gaining insights into diverse techniques, styles, and approaches.

Ongoing Learning and Practice:

  • Becoming a skilled metalsmith is a continuous journey. Members are encouraged to engage in ongoing learning and practice, whether through open studio sessions, advanced classes, workshops, or personal projects.

Community and Collaboration:

  • MAGG fosters a sense of community among its members. Engaging with fellow metalsmiths provides opportunities for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and a supportive environment for artistic growth.

If you have any specific questions or if there's additional information you're seeking, feel free to ask!

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