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Gold and Silver Grillz 101


Rita McMorris


Saturday - Sunday
May 6-7, 2023
10:00 am - 4:00 pm EDT


2 Day Workshop

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Class Description

The course will give detailed instruction on taking the molds for upper and lower jaw. The process includes from start to finish the teeth making process. Once the mold is set and removed, the students will begin the waxing process. Once the mold is waxed, sprued to the base and invested, the rendered wax will be placed in a metal flask then in the kiln. Timing and temperature will be noted. Once the flask is ready, casting will occur with the metal of choice. We will quench the flask, file and finish the product. This process takes time and can be very tedious. It is a lot to learn in a short amount of time. With patience, this should not be difficult to grasp. It is a routine and practice based skill.

PREREQUISITE: Entry level, hand and eye coordinated, good manual dexterity skills, and patience.

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