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The Art of Affordable Gold


Tonya Davidson


Saturday - Sunday
October 7-8, 2023
9:00 am - 5:00 pm EDT


2 Day Workshop

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Class Description

Gold. Fun. Fusing. Surface manipulation and Texture.

In this workshop you will inspired by a variety of techniques allowing you to use gold affordably. We will demystify alloying gold and using it in a way that is both economical and with unique textures and lines. Students will learn to design, create, and process plan out a variety of techniques to execute their masterpiece.

I invite you to come learn to do basic fusing, confident torch and flame control, soldering setups, bur deformation, and how to use gold in several ways that are both affordable and fun. My goal is to provide a knowledgeable and encouraging environment that opens the doors to empowered fun in the studio while elevating your skills.

You will receive:

  • access to a private Facebook group prior to and after class. Get to know your fellow students and make new connections. I know that the best part of class is meeting others, and I like to help facilitate this for online classes. Also I know that we are all incredibly busy and sometimes we can’t practice a new technique for awhile. This will provide a life line for later when you need it.

  • 30 days access to the recordings

  • PDF handouts

Skills we will cover:

Alloying gold and understanding how to do the math to determine the alloy you want. We will cover where to buy gold the least expensive way and what you’ll need to make the alloy. I will demonstrate alloying 18kt in case you wish to use that as your gold for the bimetal.

We will cast an ingot, roll out the metal, make it into bimetal doublée (laminated gold to sterling), create texture and patterns through the gold and form/fabricate it. I will also demo how to use other gold materials such as paintable gold and other fused gold materials/techniques. Because this is a technique class not a project class I will show you several samples, and of course, demo with a project.

There will be many other tips and tricks shown and even some bonus demos as time allows.

We will discuss this in full detail before the Oct 7th via a private Facebook group in which you will have my mentorship for 6 months after class. We will also discuss tools and materials 2 weeks prior to the 7th.


The kit is optional and will be available for order no later than August. You can opt out of the kit if you want to obtain your own materials, however I will provide divided up amounts of gold and materials to make it more cost efficient for everyone using the least amount of materials. If you decide to use your own gold, you will want to acquire 3-5gms of 24kt or fabricated gold sheet. You will also want to purchase some Accent Gold for Silver and Keum Boo if you want to try that as well. If you get the kit it will include a smaller portion of all the golds and less for you to pay for out of pocket.

We will cover all the tools that I will be using and demoing with in case you want to obtain those as well.

If you want to learn to alloy and cast your own gold, y