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Once upon a time, there was a young artist named Mia who dreamed of becoming a world-renowned metal artist. She spent countless hours in her small studio, but she often felt discouraged and alone in her pursuit. That is until she stumbled upon a t-shirt that read, "The Metal Arts Guild is my happy place".


Wearing the shirt brought her an instant sense of belonging and inspiration. Her creations began to take on a new life and energy, and she felt connected to something greater than herself. People started noticing her work and her pieces were flying off the shelves.


Thanks to her t-shirt, she gained newfound confidence and sense of belonging, and Mia's dreams of becoming a world-renowned metal artist were coming true. This t-shirt can also help you build your confidence in metalsmithing and give you a sense of belonging to a bigger community.  


Currently available for pre-order. The t-shirt will be available for pickup or shipping by April 20.

MAGG T-shirt

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