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A Revolutionary Soldering Method by Helen Blythe-Hart!

A jammed pack downloadable DVD is filled with tips for soldering success. This purchase also includes a 38 page PDF packed full of helpful information that will take your soldering skills to a whole new level. Starting at the basics and taking you through to very advanced techniques, Helen covers so much information in her 1 hour+ instruction.


What you will learn:

Part One                                                               

-Detailed anatomy of the flame                      

-Learn how to control the heat      

-How to reduce firescale

-Soldering bezels successfully

-Soldering decorative elements  with no clean-up

-Making and soldering earring posts

-Making and soldering jump rings

-Different types of soldering

-Preventing "Meniscus Disease"


Part Two

-Studio safety recommendations 

-Tank safety - transporting, securing and testing

-Checking for fuel leaks

-Ventilation recommendations

-How to install, use and adjust the regulator

-Where to locate your tanks

-Studio safe attire

-Pickling how-to's 

-Selecting soldering surfaces


You owe it to yourself to learn Heat Zone! Master how to control your torch the right way for a lifetime of soldering success! Everything you will need to know is included in this handy downloadable DVD and PDF.


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The Heat Zone Downloadable DVD and Support PDF

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  • About Helen

    Helen Blythe-Hart BFA, MFA is an award winning internationally collected career Metalsmith dedicated to passing along trade secrets to keep the art of metalsmithing alive for generations to come. Helen shares her secrets of soldering in this professionally produced DVD download made for LED or computer viewing. 


    The Metal Arts Guild of Georgia is very proud to host Helen as a long-time tenured instructor at our metalsmithing guild teaching a variety of in-demand classes and weekend workshops. Please check out our main site to see Live In-person events by Helen which you are able to register to attend at the MAGG Studio in Atlanta, GA.

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