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Die Forming Beads Ancient Style


Jeanette K. Caines

In-Person or Virtual

August 17-18, 2024

2 Day Workshop


Class Description

Please Note: each student will be required to purchase at least one die.  Dies will be available in class or on Jeanette's website.  She will have much more variety in person, with the latest designs available in class or you can also buy from her website.


Join me to learn the ancient art of die making hollow beads! I've been working on this reclamation of ancient technology project for the last three years and my brand new, hollow-form dies from my Queen Puabi Collection are ready to debut in the studio. I will teach you how to use them to make gorgeous hollow beads, just as the ancient goldsmiths did. It is easier than you would think! There isn't any complicated equipment required, just a leather mallet, one of my dies, annealing, and 30-26 gauge sheet in either copper, fine silver, argentium, sterling silver, or 22k gold. The secrets of the past await you; reclaim these ancient techniques and let your imagination soar. You will learn how to use the dies to create multiple hollow forms as beads and design elements and explore all the ways to use them in your jewelry to suit your design aesthetic.

A recording of the workshop will be  available to all participants for 30 days following the workshop.


Students who have taken at least 3 beginner classes.

Materials, Supplies & Tools

Supply List

Download PDF • 74KB

Class Dates

August 17, 2024
August 18, 2024

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