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Georgia Talent

Seldom Saw is a Certified Nutritionist & Certified Herbalist by trade who started practicing Farm-to-Table Cuisine in 2012 and has worked with over 30 local Georgia Farms. Seldom began Gemstone Wire Wrapping after going Gemstone Mining in 2020 at the beginning of the Covid Pandemic shutdown. He stuck with the art of Wire Wrapping Gemstones and now does Wire Wrap work as a full time job. Seldom loves Gemstones & Metalsmithing. He has also taken courses from MAGG including Sand Casting, Filigree, Jooltool School, Lost Wax Casting, as well as Metalsmithing for beginners. Elijah plans on expanding past Wire Wrapping into Stone Setting & Fabricated Jewelry during 2024-2025

Seldom Saw

Seldom Saw

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