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Tool Time @ MAGG

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

In these Tool Time @ MAGG videos, Piper Epsey & Dallas Vinson explain how to use four essential metalsmithing tools. Video & editing provided by Jessica Lopez!

Jump Ring Maker

A jump ring maker is a tool that helps create uniform and consistent jump rings for jewelry making. It typically consists of a mandrel and a handle for wrapping wire, which is then cut to make individual rings.

Superior Ring Bender

A Superior Ring Bender is a tool used for bending and shaping metal into rings for jewelry making. It consists of a series of rollers that can be adjusted to bend metal into different shapes and sizes, allowing for precise and consistent results.

Center Finder

A center finder is a tool that helps locate the center point of a round or square metal blank for piercing or drilling. It consists of two arms that can be adjusted to fit the metal blank, and a center punch is used to mark the center point accurately for subsequent drilling or piercing.

Smith Little Torch

The Smith Little Torch is a small, versatile welding and brazing torch used for jewelry making and other small-scale metalworking. It produces a hot and precise flame that can be adjusted to accommodate different metals and soldering techniques

For more Tool Time videos and other MAGG updates, check out the rest of our blog! To gain hands-on experience with these tools and many more, sign up for one of our metalsmithing classes!

Dallas Vinson working at his workbench.

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