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Georgia Talent

Susan Saul received a BA in Fine Art/Printmaking from the University of California, Santa Barbara, back when…well, shoulder pads for women were all the rage. She has been a studio artist for most of the decades since. Artistic curiosity has led her to explore costume design, etching, paper-making, textile painting, mixed media assemblage, and at long last, precious metal jewelry.​

Susan’s designs emerge from a hands-on approach to fabrication and a deep connection to skilled makers of the past, while remaining relevant in current times. She paints her story from a palette of silver, gold and carefully curated gemstones. She likes to say that if there is any one concept that inspires her work, it is the expression of the feminine divine in the physical world. Her art, whether simple or elaborate, is intended to evoke or awaken a feeling of connection and recognition in the wearer. To this end, she frequently takes on custom projects to repurpose items that are of sentimental value to her clients, or to help them commemorate milestones in life.

Susan has taught jewelry classes and workshops for over 20 years in Atlanta, and occasionally in Florida, North Carolina or California. She works out of her private studio, and part-time at Aimee Jewelry and Fine Art Gallery in Decatur, GA. She is grandmother to 3 little ones, and currently lives in Atlanta with her husband Steven and their two cats Dorothy and Elphaba.

Susan Saul

Susan Saul

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