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Visiting Artist

Lynn Yuhr is an artist, a maker and an explorer. Her surroundings, natural and manmade, influence the directions she takes. Inspiration could be the changes in color on a petal or the patterns in the bark of a tree. They could also be the exposed beams within a building or the hinge mechanism of a bridge. It is the intersection of these inspirations where her ideas form, working on the what ‘ifs’ and the why ‘nots’, testing materials and mechanisms along the way.

Being a self-taught artist, she often ignores boundaries and convention, applying techniques from different mediums and utilizing unusual materials. Overcoming obstacles in the construction of a project are her favorite parts of the creative process. Her diverse experiences directly influence her artistic life where she developed a playful yet distinctive style. She loves to teach and make things accessible to others, the process easily understood. The magic happens in the making. Giving your time to a creative practice. Letting yourself go, being immersed in the process, sawing, sewing, forming, cutting, hammering, breaking, snapping, rolling and bending. As you lean into the process, you notice the changes along the way, in your work and in yourself.

She teaches both locally and nationally. Never at a loss for inspiration, Lynn’s past and current work can be found on her studio blog, Flying Squirrel Studio (, as well as Instagram (@lynnyuhr). She also shares many of her polymer experiences, travel and other artistic endeavors on these platforms.

Lynn Yuhr

Lynn Yuhr

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