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Georgia Talent

Joyce Ryan, upon graduating from The Rhode Island School of Design, began her career as an exhibits designer for the St. Louis Museum of Science and Natural History while earning her Master's degree in Graphic Design from Washington University. Upon completing her degree, she and her husband, John, set up their own animation and visual effects company. Joyce went on to Time Arts, Inc. as Director of Creative Services to assist in the development of high-end ink and paint software with an emphasis on animation applications.

While living in St. Louis, she started teaching the first computer graphics courses in the School of Fine Arts at Washington University. Joyce went on to share her expertise and passion for animation with students at the Atlanta Art Institute, where she was an instructor and former Chair of the Media Arts and Animation Department.

She shared her knowledge of animation on a larger scale by writing a book on animating with Corel Painter IX for the Corel Corporation. She is a designated “Painter Master” and her work is featured on the Corel website as well as several of the Painter Wow books by Cher Pendarvis.

Currently Joyce has been focused on exploring the world of 3D printing. She has been designing sculpture and jewelry using ZBrush. This allows her to print much of her work with 3D printing technology.

She is also an accomplished beader. Her “Natural History Collar” was featured in “Showcase 500 Beaded Jewelry” by Lark Crafts.

Joyce Ryan

Joyce Ryan

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